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Usool ul Fiqh

Usool ul Fiqh is essentially the science of studying the sources and principles of fiqh and understanding how to apply them in order to derive rulings on particular issues. Though this is done by a scholar/mujtahid, studying this subject will broaden one’s understanding and enable students to see the reasons for the differences of opinions amongst the scholars.  In doing so, one is better equipped to understand and appreciate the process of ijtihaad, thus protect students from falling into the extreme of ‘madhab fanaticism’ whereby one completely closes the doors to ijtihaad. At a time when there is so much confusion regarding issues of taqleed and differences of opinion, this course is an essential for those who want clarification.

This course will look at the evidence for the key sources of the religion and give a detailed definition of each one. This course will also cover the five main legal maxims of fiqh (al-qawaa’id al-fiqhiyyah) and touch upon the higher objectives of the Shari’ah (al-maqaasid ash-Shari’ah) in order to enable students to appreciate the beautiful aspects of the Shari’ah and most importantly the One Who gave us this way of life which revolves around bringing about ease and maximising benefit.

This course is based on Imam As-Sa’di’s ‘Brief Essay Concerning Usool ul Fiqh’.

In this course you will learn:
– What are the different types of ahkaam that Allah is praised for?
– What are the characteristics of the scholars that make them of such high status and virtue?
– What are the main sources in Islam?
– How can we determine if something is fardh/haraam?
– Is there a difference between fardh and waajib?
– Are the scholars really more divided on issues than they are united?
– How do we define the term ‘Sunnah’?
– What role does the Sunnah play in Islam?
– Are we commanded to follow the Prophet sall Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam in all issues?
– Do we have to leave all the actions that Rasoolullah sall Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam left?
– How do we understand the language of the sources?
– How do we understand those texts which are very general?
– What do we do if there seem to be two conflicting evidences?
– Is it haraam to follow a madhab?
– What is abrogation?

Course available for 120 days
Enrolled: 6 students
Lectures: 17
Level: Beginner