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The Fiqh of Marriage Family and Divorce

A righteous and stable family is an essential component of any just society as well as being a condition for one to attain inner peace and tranquillity. This course will cover topics essential for anyone wanting to start a family or simply for those who want to improve their family relations. Amongst the topics that will be covered:
– The Fiqh of marriage
– Divorce and marriage maintenance
– How to welcome new children into the family etc.

The course will be based on numerous works of fiqh and tarbiyyah.

In this course you will learn:
– What is marriage about?
– What are the requirements of marriage?
– What constitutes a valid and blessed marriage?
– What does Islam really say about forcing women in to a marriage?
– Can a man marry two sisters?
– Can a wife make it a condition that her husband doesn’t get a second wife?
– What does Islam really say about how a husband must treat his wife and how the wife should treat her husband?
– How does a woman get out of a bad marriage?
– Does Islam really like divorce?
– What is Islamic in getting divorced?
– What happens in Islam when one spouse knows the other has been unfaithful?
– What happens to the children after a divorce?