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Tafsir ul Qur’an – Surah al Furqan

“Blessed is He Who sent down the the Criterion to His slave that he may be a warner to mankind and jinn” {Al Furqan: 1}

Allaah sent the Qur’aan, in the language of the Arabs, as guidance to mankind. It is a light, a reminder and a conclusive evidence for those who wish to be guided. But how many of us understand the Arabic language? How many of us have contemplated over the Qur’aan and sought to understand and benefit from it?

Surah Al Furqan is the 25th Surah from the Qur’an and consisting of just 77 Ayaat it is often recited. Yet, how many of us have reflected over the meanings of the Ayaat of this Surah from the Qur’an? How much do we know of the circumstances surrounding their revelation? What lessons can we derive from this beautiful Surah? For these reasons and more, should it then not encourage you to learn about it? The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said, “The best of you are those who learn the Qur’aan and teach it” [Bukhaaree]

 In this course you will learn:
– Why is this Surah called Al Furqan?
– Why was this Surah revealed?
– What were the circumstances surrounding its revelation?
– Who were the primary audience of this Surah?
– What are the qualities of the believers mentioned in this Surah?
– What is the description of the disbelievers given in this Surah?
– What were some of the futile objections raised by the disbelievers to accepting Islam?
– What will happen to those who worshipped idols in the hereafter?
– What should believers do when dealing with obstinate disbelievers?
– What are the rewards awaiting the true believers?