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Spiritual Preparation for Ramadan

Ramadhan is the month in which Allah Glorified and Exalted is He, frees a multitude of His slaves from the torment of the Hellfire. And yet, for many of us this auspicious month has been reduced to nothing more than not eating during daylight hours and then indulging in excessive eating! Or, not fully realising the great mercy Allah has placed during this month and allowing it to pass yet again without having gained His pleasure and salvation from His wrath.

This course deals with the spiritual preparation every Muslim should take before Ramadhan; rectifying his intentions, being cognisant of the benefits and rewards, and doing all the requisite actions to achieve this before letting this month pass by yet again.

This is a companion course to “The Fiqh of Ramadhan” and has been developed using various texts, most notably “Lataaif Al Ma’arif” by Hafiz Ibn Rajab Al Hanbali.

In this course you will learn:
– What are the benefits of fasting?
– Why is the reward for fasting multiplied?
– Why does Allah say, “Fasting is for Me”?
– What benefits can be attained by abstaining from desires through fasting?
– What are the merits of giving charity and reciting the Qur’an during Ramadhan?
– What are the merits of performing night worship?
– Why would the Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) tighten his loincloth?
– Why is Suhoor so meritorious?
– What are the benefits of Itikaf in the masjid during Ramadhan?
– How should we benefit from the last ten nights of Ramadhan?
– What mind-set should we have as Ramadhan approaches?
– Why do believers celebrate Eid?