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Fundamentals of Faith

The scholars have a saying, that “the nobility of a knowledge, depends upon the nobility of what is being studied”. The basis of Aqeedah revolves around the belief of Allah and knowing Him, the Creator, the Greatest, the only One worthy of our worship, therefore there can be no more noble knowledge than that of Aqeedah.

For many of us our knowledge of what we believe as Muslims is very superficial and basic, therefore we are sometimes unable to explain our beliefs and we are not decisive in what we are meant to believe. So questions such who is Allah? How can we worship Him? How can we know about Him? Why did He send the Messengers? Why do we need revelation? How was the revelation sent to us? remain un-answered in our minds.

This course is designed to address these deficiencies and reinforce our faith in the basic tenets of Islamic Aqeedah and delve into some of the finer details of our faith. The book studied in this course is ‘The Fundamentals of Faith’ by Shiekh Muhammad Ibn Salih Al Uthaymeen.

In this course you will learn:
– What does Aqeedah meaning?
– How can we make our knowledge of Aqeedah decisive?
– What is the importance of studying the Aqeedah of Islam?
– What are the qualities of the believers?
– Why is Aqeedah the only way we can unite the Ummah?
– What are the most important terms related to Aqeedah?
– What are the branches of Aqeedah?
– What do we mean by deen?
– What are the Arkaan of Islam?
– What are the benefits of believing in these articles of faith?
– What effects do these beliefs have on our lives?
– What are the objectives of Aqeedah and having knowledge of it?